Concentrated fabric softener :

Now available in 20 L Bag in Box format

Bag in box d'adoucissant pour laverie ou magasin de vrac

Ecocert fabric softener for sensitive skin:

a dermatologically tested, allergen-free formula.

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Fabric softener in 5 L cans for sensitive skin Ecocert

Laundry powder

The detergent specially designed for vending machines

Easypro laundry powder

Welcome to Easypro, the number one supplier for your laundry care!

Since 1995, Easypro has been developing and supplying more than 3,000 tons of professional laundry detergent per year. Today, our aim is to offer you, directly, detergent products already used by more than 4,000 laundry professionals: laundromats, dry cleaners, laundries, communities, hotels, hospitals, etc.

We know your constraints and the need for you to use reliable laundry suppliers who can quickly deliver quality professional laundry products at attractive prices. At Easypro, no commercial visits are set up. This allows us to have prices up to 40% cheaper than our competitors! By placing an order on our website, you also benefit from degressive prices according to the total amount of your order: up to -20%! This will allow you to buy detergent in batches and even pallets of detergent at the best price! Easypro detergents are also available to individuals.


Our reactivity is one of our qualities! 

Thanks to our production, we have a large stock of articles necessary for your profession, which can be delivered to you free of charge*, within 4 days. We guarantee a regular supply of detergent in large volumes to avoid any stock shortages, thanks in particular to our recent move to a new factory that can store more than 3,200 pallets. This is what allows us to sell detergents in bulk.


Detergents designed for professionals

At Easypro, we don't just manufacture and sell detergent in bulk. All professionals can find the packaging that suits them: from 5 to 20 L for liquid detergents and fabric softeners, and from 12 to 20 kg for powder detergents. We even offer 1000 L liquid detergent tanks. By placing an order on our website, you are trusting a supplier of laundries, but also a wholesaler for laundries or dry cleaners.

Test our efficient products and services now: free shipping on your first online order! Enter the promotional code PORT21 in your shopping cart and that's it! Take advantage of this opportunity to buy laundry detergent in bulk!

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Supplier of detergents for professionals