Doses of washing powder

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Ideal for laundromats, the powdered detergent dispenser delivers the right amount of detergent. You can choose between the cardboard box, the soft dose or the detergent tablet. Thanks to our carton sales, buying detergent pods is very cheap!

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Complete your laundry product range by offering detergent powder pods in your vending machines. Ideal for laundromats, the detergent powder pods allow you to deliver the right amount of detergent. Your users will no longer have any worries about dosing and will gain in autonomy. Easypro offers you cardboard boxes, flexible doses or the classic format: the detergent tablet. 

Our doses contain powdered detergents with professional formulas that ensure a perfect result. You can choose between classic formulas, a disinfectant detergent or an Ecocert certified ecological detergent.

So don't look any further for your laundry supplier: Easypro is there to meet all your needs! You can also take advantage of our discounted prices to buy your laundry detergent in bulk and at a low price.

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Washing powder pods for laundry