Industrial powder detergents

For the washing of your non-fragile professional laundry, choose Easypro industrial washing powders.  Thanks to their high pH and strong degreasing power, they are extremely effective. By buying your laundry products from Easypro, you are assured of professional quality products and you benefit from discounted prices by buying in bulk!

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Are you looking for an industrial laundry manufacturer to buy your laundry products in bulk? Easypro is there to meet your needs.


Industrial washing powders, developed by Easypro, are heavier than classic washing powders. They are therefore recommended for non-fragile and heavily soiled laundry, whether white or coloured (tablecloths, towels, overalls, tea towels, aprons, etc.). We know that as professionals, you are looking for degreasing detergents to remove the most stubborn stains. That's why our professional detergents have been designed with a very high pH, an alkaline bio-stain remover formula and rich in enzymes and surfactants. They are ideal for cleaning companies, laundries, car garages... It is the top laundry for work clothes.


If you want to wash more delicate clothes, check out our range of spray powders or all-in-one liquid detergents.


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