To remove stains from clothes, to bleach clothes, to revive colours... Easypro has the product you need! Our complete range of professional additives will enable you to solve all your problems: powerful stain remover, oxygenated stain remover in powder, bleaching agent, liquid starch... You will find them in the smallest to the biggest packaging: individual dose, 100 mL bottle, 5 L can, 5 kg bucket...


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In order to guarantee impeccable results, Easypro offers high performance professional laundry products. Our additives have targeted actions and formulas that complement your liquid or powder detergent. They can be professional laundry stain removers, reinforcing agents, degreasers, bleaching liquids, liquid starch primers...

Laundry stain removers are designed to remove all stains on your textiles, whether they are light or greasy, more or less stubborn: blood, lipstick, grass, grease... An effective stain remover can be used in pre-wash, during machine washing or directly in hand washing. The liquid starch gives the laundry hold and makes it look like new: easy ironing and no creases! Thanks to its protective formula, it coats the fibres and prevents dirt and dust from penetrating into the heart of the linen. The degreasing agent reinforces the action of your detergent and is very effective on greasy food stains (oil, butter, sauces...) or mechanical stains (grease). The oxygenated bleaching liquid is a powerful product specially designed to bleach and stain clothes. Its composition makes it very effective at low temperatures on oxidizable stains (coffee, tea, wine) as well as on protein stains (blood, grease).

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Stain removers and additives for professionals and laundries