Specially designed for laundromats, the individual doses of laundry products give users a certain amount of autonomy and avoid all worries about dosage. They are available in several formulas: washing powder, professional liquid detergent, detergent tablet, powerful stain remover, professional fabric softener... Our professional laundry detergents benefit from degressive prices depending on the amount of your order.

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Are you wondering how to dose washing powder without a dosing device? Do you want to make additional sales in your laundromat? Then detergent pods are for you! As the main supplier of laundromats, we have decided to offer you a complete range of individual doses of professional laundry products: powdered detergent dosettes, liquid detergent doses, fabric softener boxes, doses of effective fabric stain removers, oxy stain remover, anti-discolouration wipes...

Easypro, a laundry wholesaler, recommends its detergent pods for laundromats, student residences, communities... They allow you to avoid under- or overdosing and thus use your products in an optimal way. By using our site, you can access very advantageous sliding scale prices: the more you buy, the lower the prices! Our detergents are sold at wholesale prices.

Discover the best liquid detergents, the best washing powders, the best stain removers and the best fabric softeners in mini format!

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Individual pods for professional laundries