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Discover the Easypro range of Aqua cleaning products. It is the ecological solution that replaces dry cleaning! These professional laundry products are very easy to use and leave your clothes impeccably clean. They can be used together or separately. The Aqua cleaning range respects the linen and does not attack it. 

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The Aqua Nettoyage detergents are suitable for washing all textiles, both white and coloured. They work from low temperatures (40°C) and provide excellent results for professional laundry. They are very easy to use and can be used together or separately. Aqua N°1 is a very effective wetting and degreasing product for stubborn greasy food and mechanical stains as well as for light stains. Aqua N°2 liquid detergent has a mild pH that protects fragile textiles (wool, silk, viscose, etc.) and prevents felting and shrinking of the fibres. Dark clothes remain bright and do not bleach. Finally, Aqua Nettoyage N°3 offers temporary protection against the mechanical effects of drying. It also prevents shrinkage and felting of the fibres. This product makes clothes softer by restoring their original shape, makes ironing easier and improves the durability of textiles by reducing their sensitivity to moisture.

The Aqua Nettoyage Easypro range of laundry products is an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. With our professional detergents, your laundry is respected and not damaged in the wash. Aqua Nettoyage detergents are sold in 20 litre containers and you can choose to buy them in small or large quantities. If you buy your detergent in bulk, you will save money thanks to our discounted prices!

Discover also our liquid detergents special automatic dosage, professional detergents all in one and the detergent dose formats.

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