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For your wholesale laundry detergent purchases, trust Easypro, a laundry detergent supplier with direct manufacturer prices! We offer liquid detergents in large or small volumes according to your needs. Our professional liquid detergents are recommended for dry cleaners, laundries, laundromats, restaurants, hotels... Find our offers of detergents in batches at discounted rates.

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Easypro offers a complete range of liquid detergents for professionals: concentrated detergents, ecological detergents, economical detergents... They have formulas specially designed for laundry care professionals. On our website, you will find liquid detergents in 5 L or 20 L cans, liquid detergent pods, bulk liquid detergents and also 20 L bag-in-box detergents. Our professional liquid detergents are also available for private customers.

Thanks to our sliding scale prices, you can buy liquid detergent in bulk and at low prices. With Easypro detergents, you can trust a reliable detergent wholesaler with high-performance products sold in bulk.

Easypro liquid detergents are recommended for washing coloured or dark textiles. On our website you will find all-in-one formulas that wash, scent and soften as well as more specific detergents. The latter have a specific action on the different stains and can be used in addition to other laundry products. Thanks to their rapid dissolution, our professional detergents penetrate quickly into the fibres and can therefore be used for cold washing and at low temperatures. Easypro laundry detergents really respect even the brightest colours.

Discover our different ranges of liquid detergents: industrial automatic detergents, Aqua cleaning detergents, all-in-one detergents and liquid detergent doses. You will find on each of our product sheets the dosage instructions for liquid detergent.

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