In order to make your laundry soft and supple again, Easypro offers you its range of professional fabric softeners. They are available in small or large packaging: individual pods, 2 L, 5 L or 20 L. Our fabric softeners will leave a pleasant scent on your textiles and also accelerate their drying. 

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Easypro presents its complete range of professional fabric softeners: concentrated fabric softener, disinfectant fabric softener, Ecocert ecological fabric softener, microcapsulated fabric softener... You will find the best fabric softeners on our site! Often used to soften clothes, make them more supple and give them a pleasant scent, fabric softeners also reduce drying time and make ironing easier. They neutralise the effects of washing products and detergent residues on textiles and thus limit reactions of sensitive skin and allergies. The use of a professional fabric softener prevents static electricity.

Our professional fabric softeners are available in small or large packages: 2 L bottle, 5 L or 20 L canister, individual doses (ideal for laundromats). Whatever your choice of packaging, you can buy it in small or large volumes and benefit from our sliding scale prices.

Do you want to get rid of stubborn stains on your laundry, revive its colour or even give it a new look? Then our professional additives are for you! Discover also all our laundry products in individual dose format: it's ideal for laundromats!

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