Doses of fabric softener and additives

If you are looking for the best fabric softener or stain remover in pods, this is the place to find it! Easypro, the laundromat supplier, offers you individual doses of professional fabric softeners and powerful stain removers at the best price! Take advantage of our direct manufacturer's prices as well as our discounted prices to buy your laundry detergent doses in large volumes!

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Do you run a laundromat and are you looking for professional fabric softener and stain remover? Then you have come to the right place! Easypro offers you its best professional fabric softeners and stain removers in individual cases. Compatible with all vending machines, their availability represents an efficient way to sell complementary products to your laundry service. 

Laundry pods have many advantages. In particular, they allow you to control the dosage of products (no overdosing or lack of product) while giving a certain amount of autonomy to the users of your washing machines. By using Easypro detergent dosages, you are sure to use professional products that are optimally effective. For many years now, Easypro has been the supplier of laundries and laundry services: student residences, laundries, communities...

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Fabric softener and stain remover pods