Industrial automatic dosing detergents

Professional liquid detergents designed for industrial automatic dosing ensure perfect dosing and a perfect result! They also allow you to limit the handling of detergents and thus ensure optimum safety for your operators. Our professional liquid detergents are used with automatic dosing pumps and thus offer you the possibility to automate your laundry to the maximum.

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Very easy to use, our special automatic industrial liquid detergents ensure perfect dosing, optimum safety for your operators and a perfect result! Choose the professional detergent that best suits your needs: the active ingredient liquid detergent with high wetting power or the alkaline detergent for optimal degreasing.

With the use of an automatic dosing pump and suitable detergents, washing your clothes can be automated. Discover our special industrial washing machine dispenser which will allow you to dispense up to 4 products simultaneously (detergent, fabric softener, stain remover...).

Like all the products we sell, our liquid detergents for automatic dosage are also sold in small or large quantities. You can choose to buy a single 20L can of professional liquid detergent or buy a batch of detergent. Wholesale laundry detergents are available at discounted prices. Our professional detergents are suitable for laundries, dry cleaners, laundries...

You can also find on our site liquid detergents to replace dry cleaning, all-in-one detergents and detergent pods.

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Industrial liquid detergent