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Easypro offers a wide range of liquid detergents for professionals. By ordering your laundry detergent in bulk on our site, you are sure to get the best price: thanks to our sliding scale prices, the more you buy, the more the price is reduced! This allows you to buy detergent in large quantities at a lower cost. Easypro detergents are recommended for laundries, dry cleaners, laundries...

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Do you want to buy detergent in bulk? You've come to the right place! Easypro, manufacturer and supplier of laundry products, offers you all-in-one liquid detergents that will give you excellent results! A single detergent is enough to wash, perfume and soften your textiles. Discover our different detergents at wholesale prices: liquid detergent packs, detergent pallets...

In order to meet the needs of all our customers, we have developed 4 ranges of professional liquid detergents with different characteristics. Choose the composition and packaging that best suits your needs: 5 to 20 L drums and 1000 litre tanks.

Our PRO liquid detergent has a highly concentrated formula that is effective at low temperatures and on stubborn stains. EXPERT liquid detergents offer you the best quality/price ratio! The ACTIF Easypro range of detergents guarantees a perfect result at a lower cost. If you want to use an ecological detergent, we recommend Ecocert certified liquid detergents. They are made from raw materials of vegetable origin and are perfectly suited to sensitive skin.

Découvrez également sur notre site notre large gamme de détergents liquides professionnels tout-en-un, de détergents liquides à dosage automatique et de détergents liquides de la gamme Aqua Nettoyage.

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