Doses of liquid detergent

Recommended for laundromats, individual doses of liquid detergent avoid all dosing problems: one dose is enough for one wash cycle. They make it easy to dose detergents without a dosing device. Our liquid detergents in pods are Ecocert certified and are therefore made from raw materials of plant origin.

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Thanks to the liquid detergent pods, you no longer have to ask yourself how to dose your detergent without a dosing device! Our pods contain the right amount of detergent and thus avoid all dosing problems: overdosing or underdosing. Compatible with all vending machines, they will allow you to make additional sales to your laundry service. With these Easypro detergent pods, you will be able to offer cheap and efficient detergent to your users.

Our laundry detergent pods for laundromats can also be used by student residences, communities... Find the best liquid detergents in individual dose format. Our formulas are Ecocert certified and are therefore more environmentally friendly than conventional detergents. They are made from plant-based materials.

Discover also on our website our wide range of all-in-one professional liquid detergents, liquid detergents for automatic dosage and liquid detergents from the Aqua Nettoyage range.

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Liquid detergent pods