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Easypro, your laundry supplier, also offers a wide range of professional additives and fabric softeners. Whether you are looking for a stain remover for your laundry, a softener for your laundry, anti-fade wipes or liquid starch for your dry cleaner, we have what you need! Find here the best laundry products to use in addition to your detergent. 

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Complementary laundry products can be found in various forms: classic professional fabric softener, disinfectant fabric softener, concentrated fabric softener, liquid starch, fabric stain remover, bleaching liquid, liquid degreaser booster...

Our fabric softeners restore softness and suppleness. They leave a pleasant scent and speed up the drying process. Our professional stain removers are very powerful and allow you to remove all types of stains: grease, blood, grass, grease, ink, perspiration, rust... The liquid starch pro gives the laundry a new look. The bleaching liquid is a powerful product designed to bleach and stain clothes. Our degreaser strengthener will be very efficient to remove greasy stains from your laundry. 

Easypro, your French laundry wholesaler, offers you degressive pricing and direct manufacturer prices. You benefit from the best prices! You can therefore buy your laundry products in bulk and at low prices.

Discover our different themes of laundry products: professional liquid fabric softeners, laundry additives and laundry product pods. You will find the best fabric softeners and stain removers.

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